IDS PowerPack Business Software is a complete line of applications and modules specially designed to help you tracking your business processes and planning new strategies from your information infrastructure.

All PowerPack modules are Compatible, Relevant, Accurate, Affordable, Adaptable, Multi-user, English & Arabic, Parametric, and Secure.



PowerPack modules

PowerPack Accounting is a multi-branches and multi-currencies software that helps you automating your accounting transactions. It can operate in English and Arabic under any Windows platform. The multi-user version of this software can operate under windows networks.

PowerPack Budgeting is an additional module to the accounting system. It is specially designed to help you tracking your expenses. By defining your budget in U.S.Dollars at the beginning of every year, you can follow up and control your effective expenses versus the defined budget at any time during the year.
PowerPack Project Management is an add in to the accounting system. It helps you tracking the expenses and revenues of any defined project over the years of execution. No matters which accounts are related to a specific project, just link every single transaction with its related project and you will have the required results.
PowerPack Automatic Closing is a tool that helps you to close automatically your accounting period and generate the Profit & Loss statements and the Balance sheet based on parametric predefined function in the chart of account.

PowerPack Inventory is a multiple warehouses application that helps you automating your stock movements, controlling your costs, and monitoring your sales for profitability. PowerPack Inventory is the proper step to improve your information system and analyze your business profile. Using PowerPack Inventory will help you to determine what and how much to stock and improve your level of customer satisfaction.

PowerPack Costing is an additional tool to the inventory system. It is specially designed to help you calculating your stock costs. It can convert all the expenses from their currencies to the invoice currency and calculate the item cost from the predefined invoice information.